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Keelboat Course

Bergen SEAS offers a Keelboat Course to teach the basics of sailing larger boats. We use our 27 foot Catalina, called the Zephyr. We currently offer 2 courses:

Intro to Keel Boat

This is a one day introduction to sailing on a keelboat, covering:

  • Parts of the boat
  • Terminology
  • Safety fundamentals
  • Rigging
  • Points of Sail
  • Tacking & Jibing

The cost of the Intro course is $100.

Keelboat 2-Day Course

Students get a 'refresher' course on sailing, and will learn the basics of motoring, leaving and returning to a slip or mooring, anchoring, charts and navigation, sailing by compass, safety, 'man overboard' rescue, reefing the sails, and sailing on all points of sail.

This class is highly recommended, and is a prerequisite to obtaining a 'Skipper' designation as a keelboat membership. Graduates meeting all of the requirements are granted a 'Class C Skipper' designation, and are eligible to reserve and use the Zephyr. See the Club Boats section for reservation information.

The cost of the 2-Day course is $250.

2015 Keelboat Sailing Classes

All keelboat instruction is taught at the Haverstraw Marina north basin. Classes are usually planned for once a month during the season, based on demand.

Introduction to Keelboat

Day Topic Activities Covered
1 Meet the Boat/Sailing Familiarity with the boat, basic Hudson River orientation, Rigging, and Points of Sail, Tacking and Jibing

Keelboat 2-Day Course

Day Topic Activities Covered
1 Meet the Boat, motoring and docking, rigging sails, tacking and jibing Practice these skills using the Zephyr's diesel engine and under sail.
2 Rigging/de-rigging, local piloting, man overboard, Anchoring Practice sailing, learn aids to navigation. Practice man overboard rescue procedures. Learn heavy weather sailing techniques such as changing and reefing sails. Learn about anchoring and mooring techniques.