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Keelboat Reservation Calendar

Zephyr reservations are made using a Google Calendar. Only paid-up K5 or K7 members will be able to add their reservations to the calendar. We are on the honor system, so while you may add your own reservations, you must still follow the rules about advance reservations.

K7 members may reserve up to two days at one time, one of which may be on a weekend or holiday.

K5 members may reserve up to two weekdays at one time. Holidays are not available to K5 members.

In addition to having the appropriate pass, you must either be a certified skipper or have a certified skipper with you in order to take out the boat. Please contact the Keelboat Committee to obtain a qualified Skipper.

To add a reservation, click on the Google Calendar button on the bottom right of the calendar. You may have to login with your Google account . You will then be able to click on the day you wish to reserve and add your reservation directly to the calendar. You can optionally use shorhand to specify the description, start, and end times all at once. Just make sure the SEAS Bergen Keelboat calendar is selected, in case you have more than one.