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SEAS Bergen Meetings

SEAS holds General Membership meetings on the forth Wednesday of every month in Maywood, NJ at the Twin Door Tavern. These meetings are open to all members and non-members who are interested in our Bergen club and perhaps becoming members. After reviewing club business, upcoming sailing educational programs and club social events, our meetings typically sponsor a special guest speaker.

These have recently featured:
- Sailors who have circumnavigated the globe
- Coast Guard officers charged with protecting our waterways
- Naturalists and environmentalists dedicated to shore and water preservation
- Science experts in tides, wakes, space and weather
- Navigation, knots, water safety and sailing skills presentations
- Sea Scouts, kayakers and canoeing clubs with whom we share the water
- SEAS club members back from trips, charters or exciting sailing adventures
- Historians sharing the cultural and nautical past of our local waterways

All guest speakers enjoy questions and most encourage interactive discussions as part of their presentation.

Our BOARD meets regularly as well as all of our committees. Bergen SEAS participates in all National SEAS meetings as well.
These meetings are generally open to all Bergen SEAS members and offer wonderful insight into our non-profit organization.

There are no meeting fees or charges. Sometimes we serve snacks!